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The Westby Area Historical Society meets the first Monday of every month at 1:00 pm.    


December Annual Meeting a Success!

On Monday, December 5, the Westby Area Historical Society held our

2016 Annual Meeting and Christmas party.  The museum was decorated for

the Cane Cane Tour of Homes event that was held on Sunday, December 4         so we were ready for the festive party!

Several business, school and county government guests attended the delicious luncheon and spent time socializing with members and officers of WAHS.  Our outreach to these people helps educate the community about what we do and what we have in our collections. It also allows us to get ideas from them that

will help us better serve our community.

The 2016 Annual Report was presented and is now published on this website.  Please take a few minutes to read it.  You will see a review of our year – the events, activities and fundraising efforts that were all so successful.

Finally, we held the election of our 2017 officers and board members.  Our Board is made of a diverse group of men and women who are actively helping to preserve Westby area history.  As your returning WAHS President, I appreciate that I have a full Board of Directors to help because I know of several organizations, in today's climate, that are struggling.  

The 2017 board members are pictured below.  They are, standing left to right, 

myself, President Blaine Hedberg, Board member Sheri Ballard, Board member Marlo Volden, Vice president Madeline Anderson, Board member Fred Jefson, Board member Garland McGarvey, Secretary/Treasurer Kathy Anderson and, seated, Board member Siv Ann Meyer.

We appreciate and welcome new members, ideas and support.  If you would like to contribute your time and talents to a worthwhile effort, please contact us!  It is amazing how 10 minutes or a few dollars can help a non-profit organization like WAHS to fulfill its mission.        

Our next general membership meeting will be held Monday, February 6. 

Please join us at 1:00 pm at the Thoreson House Museum as we start to make plans for our 2017 events and activities. Our January meeting was cancelled due to bad weather so we have work to do. New faces and ideas are always welcomed! 

 Blaine Hedberg, President of WAHS



  • Tours - 1892 Thoreson House Museum
  • Genealogical assistance
  • Outreach programs to local organizations & schools
  • Oral interviews
  • Research help with library & photo archives

Thoreson House Museum

The Thoreson House Museum maintains the history and archives of the Westby area.  Through our collection of artifacts and documents, we preserve the history for all area residents, visitors and future generations.  

WAHS provides many services and programs.  The following are just a few of  the activities we are planning.


The Westby Area Historical Society is an educational organization that responsibly collects, preserves, promotes and communicates the history, culture and heritage of the Westby, WI area for current and future generations.

Our Mission